Besides wear and corrosion resisting coatings, we apply coatings as diffusion barriers and coatings for optical devices. We participate in national and international programs concerning solar energy conversion.

Shown below are various products that have been coated with various materials by Everest Coatings. Requirements of a coating depend on factors such as temperature constraints, chemical resistance and operating environment of the product.


Titanium axle, coated to protect it against a combination of wear and corrosion.


Spindle made of duplex steel, coated to protect it against a severe chemical environment.

Cylinder, coated for protection against wear and corrosion and a decrease in friction.

Reaction vessel, used for monitoring various chemical reactions using CO gas. This gas extracts nickel from the steel, forming carbonyls that can react in a later stage of the process.

Coated gear wheels, protected against wear and chemical attack.

Graphite crucible, coated to protect it against liquid metals. This product shows how products can be coated internally.